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Over the past 5 years I have done case studies looking for the perfect recipe on Aftercare. I have finally found a solution to the challenges we experience.

At Browtique we make our own Aftercare Products for our clients.  We have found keeping the Brows hydrated and moisturized promotes a better healing experience. 

Exciting news we now make the product available for other like Artist.

What is the Product?
Amberae Permanent Solutions is a Aftercare System safely crafted for Microshading and Microblading services.  We have a regimen that works for all skin types and complexions. 

This Aftercare is a lotion that is infused with Jojoba Oil along with other moisturizing properties.  Keeping the Brows moisturized minimizes flaking which promotes better retention and vibrant healed results.  This Lotion also has Aloe which is great for healing and protecting the skin.

Why Amberae Permanent Solutions?

We have already did the science for you.  All you have to do is pass the Aftercare card and lotion we provide in the kit to your client and expect to see amazing results when they come back for their follow up appointment.

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Now taking pre orders.

Product will be available by April 5th.  Limited quantity 


What's in the box?

20 Aftercare Lotions

20 Aftercare Cards


Each Aftercare tube will be packaged in this box.


The Aftercare card you will give to your client.  These have no branding on them so it can fit along with your brand.

For pre orders and shipping click link

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