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Machine Shading | The Brush Stroke Method

In this mini clip you will learn the Brush Stroke Method and how to use a 7 Curve Mag.


These two techniques are the perfect recipe for a soft, airy and powdery brow.


The reason why I prefer my Brush Stroke Technique is because there is less of a chance of causing trauma to skin.  The skin on the face is such a delicate organ that can easily get irritated. The goal when doing Microshading is to create a comfortable and relaxed experience for you and your client.  The Pendulum method which is a back and forth motion that can be invasive to the client's skin and can start working against you. The Brush Stroke Method is an one direction motion allowing you to have more control over your session.  The effect of this technique is natural and soft.  Doing this technique is perfect for a beginner artist.  With the pendulum method, your work can look over saturated and brick-like if you are not careful with your passes.


The wonderful 7 Curve Mag is my favorite cartridge for almost all my clients.  The unique shape of the pins allows you to cut your procedure time down and provides more comfortable gliding across the client's face.  The 7 Curve Mag is a series of 7 pins in 2 rows, 4 pins in one and 3 in the other row, shaped into a U curve shape.  The curved shaped deposits the color into the skin with less pressure.  You can also do line work with this cartridge by turning it sideways.  Most PMU Artists enjoy using a single needle to create brow designs.  Although single needles are traditionally used, there are many reasons why I do not like them.  If not done correctly your work can appear liney.  The single pin takes longer to cover the brows.  You may think the more pins working the skin the more trauma it may cause.  That is actually the opposite.  A larger needle configuration is more comfortable on the skin.  A single pin can become irritating to skin and the single pin can become sharper.  Be mindful not to get too large of a cartridge size.  7 pins I feel are large enough.  


In this mini clip you will also learn some pointers on Melanated skin and some numbing techniques.  This mini clip is from a course I created “Machine Shading | The Brush Stroke Method."  The course outlines a step by step process on how to create a beautiful set of shaded brows.  My purpose for creating this course is to simplify the art of doing microshading. I have created tips and tricks to get the results like the pros.  I understand PMU can be complex if you do not understand it.  My job is to help you gain knowledge and confidence during your sessions with your client.


Overview of the Machine Shading Course

Intro to Microshading

Brow Anatomy 

Basic Brow Mapping

The Numbing Process

The Bloodline

The BrushStroke Method

7 Curve Mag

5 Round Shader

Ombré Brow

Needle Configuration Overview

Fine tuning 



Microshading Course $500

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Color Theory

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