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Our STAR Treatments

Brow Wax and Shape
At Browtique we specialize in Brow Training. We are able to Manipulate your Brow Shape to train it. How this is done is by creating a template in your brow area so that the brow hairs can grow into it. Each visit we will create that same outline. It typically takes about two months to train an eyebrow.

Brow Tint
Ideal for someone with light brown to white brow hairs. Brow tint enhances the brows by adding volume and definition. This can last up to six weeks the lighter the brow hairs the longer the product will last.

Brow Henna
Is a great option for someone with sparse brow hairs. It will fill in any gasps. The color is vivid and true to color. It lasts up to 2 weeks.

Brow Lamination
A perfect way to add fluff and definition. Brow Lamination is a treatment that relaxes the brow hairs giving them structure and consistency. Great for someone with curly, hairs that grow downwards or stick straight out. This treatment lasts two months and ideal for coarse brow hairs

Destiny believes everyone should have Microshading! This is a safe alternative for someone that is looking to have their brows done all the time. We can create the perfect shape that fits you and your wants. This is perfect for the every day woman and lasts up to two years the most low maintenance procedure you can receive for your brows.

At Browtique Destiny is our specialist in Brazilians. We use an innovative wax that protects the skin only targeting unwanted hair. With this it promotes a comfortable waxing experience. Destiny’s focus is to make sure getting a Brazilian is a pleasant experience.
We also have a specially formulated ingrown toner to keep ingrowns and bumps away….


Wax & Shape w/ Junior Artist $25 Wax & Shape w/ Senior Artist $28 Wax & Shape w/ Master Artist $37 Tint Only $30 Tint Add-On $25 Henna Only $43 Henna Add-On $35 Tweeze & Shape $35 Trim $15 Unibrow $10 Lamination $75


Tint $25 Strip Lash $18 Lash Flares $50 Lash Lift $75




Underarm                    25

Toes                              15

Brazilian                       65

Bikini                             45

Half Leg                       55

Full Leg                       70

Half Arm                       35

Full Arm                       50

Tush                             30

Back                            65

Bexley Wax


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