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Why The Browtique?

When clients ask us “Why The Browtique?” we like to say because even with each of our unique artists, they will all give you custom looks that go beyond the brow. Each shape is tailored to each individual person, in other words, we don’t give cookie-cutter shapes. Another strength of The Browtique is that we are able to train an eyebrow to an ideal shape to match our client’s faces. Clients walk out feeling like a better version of themselves, and never feel like it was just a brow appointment. They always leave with some icing on the cake.

The Browtique is a family based business. Even our clients are considered our family.
We are stronger together!

Brow Wax & Shape / Brow Tint

Brow Tint: This service is designed for someone who is looking for more volume and definition. The Brow Tint is a dye designed for Brows and Lashes. The dye tints the hair and stains the skin for density. This can last up to two weeks. The stain on skin first to fade. The hairs themselves stay colored longer. The lighter the brow hairs the longer the color lasts. Blonde, Silver, White and Grey hairs can stay colored up to 6 weeks.
Book your Brow Tint and Add-On a Brow Wax & Shape to finish off the perfect look.

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Interested in our services or want to reach out, get to us now

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